what we do

Nation Builder inspires and equips businesses to lead social change by facilitating cross-sector learning and co-creating social impact resources. Established by Mergon in 2008, Nation Builder was borne out of a steadfast belief in the future of South Africa and in business’ powerful role in affecting positive social change in our nation.



Nation Builder provides free, best-in-industry resources and assessments, an online peer-learning community, and collaborative face-to-face learning opportunities with like-minded businesses.

This collaborative learning and knowledge sharing requires a holistic view where NPOs, businesses, and communities on the ground contribute to the richness of the content.

Want to find out how we build our nation through collaboration?



Nation Builder NPO partners are organisations that excel in social impact. They are thought-leaders from whom the Nation Builder business community can learn through cross-sector collaboration. They are bona fide partners in building towards a greater, more empowered and prosperous South Africa.

It is for this reason that these NPO partners are seen and positioned as peers alongside the business community, sharing knowledge and leading insight to better equip us all in ensuring the greatest impact through social investment partnerships.

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to have a severe impact on the poor, the homeless and the vulnerable within our communities.

Support our NPOs providing essential care for those who need it most.