Call To Nominate Speakers For In Good Company 2019

The 5th annual In Good Company conference is less than 6 months away – 15 August 2019 – and we look forward to another insightful and challenging day for the business leaders in attendance!
Nominate a speaker
This year we would like to ask the business community to nominate speakers who are currently setting an example of how to run a successful business that positively impacts our society in the process. Our theme for this year is The Art of Business.

“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art.” – Andy Warhol

In mastering the art of business, we believe leaders need a deep sense of awareness and understanding of how their business is uniquely positioned to make a difference in the lives of its staff, its various stakeholders, broader society, and the nation. Business has the power to reframe our nation’s picture. It is a powerful medium that can bring about the change we want to see – a prosperous and growing South Africa for all. Being an impactful business encompasses every single aspect of business – from purpose to products, people and profits. Business can find creative solutions to complex problems.
We are calling on all business leaders in the private/corporate sectors who are leading in the art of successful and impactful businesses practices to submit speaking proposal papers to the Nation Builder office. You may also nominate other business leaders who you believe to be mastering the ‘art’ of business.
Speaking proposal papers are to be a concise, original thought pieces that can be used to shape the conversation at the conference. All submissions are due by Tuesday, April 30 to allow time to review, edit, and finalise the papers, as well as plan content for the In Good Company conference.
We understand writing a paper is a time consuming commitment, therefore we’ve simplified the writing process.
  • Proposals must be between 750 – 2,000 words

  • Proposals must be centred around one of the following topics:

    • What is true corporate citizenship?
    • Business as a role-player in upholding the 4 pillars of democracy (equity, freedom, representation and justice)
    • Business, government and NPOs creating social change together
    • More than money: social impact achieved through non-financial investments

  • To make writing easier, we suggest choosing a content focus:
    · Tell a Story
    · Share the Idea
    · Show the Data

Submit proposals or nominate businesses by emailing [email protected]

All submitted papers will be reviewed and speakers for the conference will be selected from these nominations. All appropriate proposals will also be collated into a booklet, which will be made available to all the delegates at the In Good Company conference.

Reignite your impact. Reframe your purpose.