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Partnering in Crisis – The Kwa-Zulu Natal story

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Illuminating the social landscape and key trends

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‘In Touch’ with Lesego Serolong Holzapfel – Social Entrepreneur and our Co-Host for the 7th Annual In Good Company conference

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How the V&A Waterfront has ‘led from the front’ in this COVID-19 season

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Let’s not just celebrate World NGO Day: let’s actively support our NPOs

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Sustainability the key for social investment in 2021

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A brief interview with Shawn Theunissen, founder of Property Point and Head of CSR at Growthpoint Properties, on the impact of COVID-19 on entrepreneurs and small business owners

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How ‘justice in business’ multiplies resources and achieves true sustainability by Patrick Kuwana – Founder and CEO at C3 Capital