Meet MES

Nation Builder values its partnerships with a variety of not-for-profit organisations. Not only are they at the coal-face of building our nation – they also share valuable insights in our Collabs that can be used for cross-sector resource development.
This month we want to share a little about MES (Mould; Empower; Serve)
MES – Changing the heart of the City
Mould Empower Serve (MES) is a not for profit company based on Christian principles and the aim is to empower people holistically to live independent, sustainable and meaningful lives. MES has four branches namely in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Kempton Park.
We have been changing the lives of the people in the inner city through different services since 1986.
MES developed a holistic service model that guides beneficiaries to a sustainable exit. During 2018, MES did a repositioning exercise to improve integration and deepen impact delivery to our beneficiaries. MES now has a focus group approach instead of a programme approach. This enables us to offer age-specific specialised services. In addition, multi-disciplinary social support services are offered to each group. This includes social work services, nutrition, health care services and community engagement.
Below are the different services that we offer to the four focus groups.
1.    Pre-schoolers: Crèches, parenting support, statutory and supportive social services
More than 40% of the children in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Kempton Park and Port Elizabeth of ages 0-6 years come from impoverished households with neither access to early learning programmes nor means of affording the learning. Our pathway of responding to this social problem is by increasing access to quality ECD services for 0-6-year-old children and providing affordable education, nutrition, statutory social work services and social support services.
2.    Learners: After school programmes, camps, dancing, mentoring, statutory and supportive social services
Students need more than a strong curriculum, good teachers and time in the classroom to succeed. A key activity is the after-school programmes, which help students turn the aimless hours after school into productive learning time.
In addition to these holiday programmes, camps and recreation programmes are offered. Dance4APurpose is a central activity where dance is utilised to engage with the inner city children. The annual highlight is the musical production.
Social support services are offered through nutrition enhancement, social work services and community engagement which help children build self-confidence, improve intellectual stimulation and making them physically and socially competent.
3.    Youth: Skills training, Joshua Youth Volunteers and supportive social services
The services are two-fold. Firstly, MES addresses the needs of the NEET group, which is the Youth that is Not in Education, Employment or Training. Intervention is offered through free or subsidised accredited courses and skills training, job placements, job creation and social support services.
Secondly, a Joshua Youth Volunteer programme is offered annually to grade 12 graduates. They enrol for a 12-month programme where the spirit of volunteerism is cultivated whilst they receive training and career guidance towards their sustainable exit.
4.    Adults: Shelters, GROW and supportive social services
Our Theory of change illustrates how we address the problems of homelessness, unemployment, lack of skills, psychosocial, spiritual & health challenges. MES intervenes to solve these social quagmires by providing overnight accommodation, job rehabilitation through our GROW programme and skills training through our training centre. Their health, psychosocial and spiritual needs are addressed through our social support services.
We are integrating our services to offer age-specific service to each age group:
•    pre-schoolers are moulded through crèches;
•    school learners are empowered through after-school programmes, youth groups and       camps;
•    young adults (youth) are empowered through skills training and the Joshua service year; and,
•    adults and elderly are served through shelters and work rehabilitation.
In support of these age-specific interventions we offer a range of social support services ranging from feeding/nutrition programmes through pastoral care and community engagement to medical health outreaches and social work services and statutory intervention.
MES truly believes that our clients will gain the most and will get more focused attention through our new approach. MES continue to serve inner-city communities and our focus remains to Change hearts in our cities through the Grace of God.
For more information, you can visit our website: or follow us on our social media pages.