Nation Builder Thought-Leadership Webinars

Nation Builder is excited to announce the start of our Thought Leadership Webinars. As the Social Investment sector is a fast-paced one with many complex issues that are multifaceted in nature, we have a constant need for dialogue and cutting-edge content.  The e-format of these talks will allow for optimisation of time and ease of access. These webinars aim to equip and empower businesses to be more knowledgeable and strategic in their social investment efforts. We look to move beyond traditional discussions around Social Investment, but encourage tough conversations that are critical for us to unpack in order for our nation to truly advance. These sessions will thus be hosted by selected key leaders from within the social development industry and will be both insightful and challenging. They will take place 5 times in the year. The first one will take place on the 16th of April from 11.30 – 12.15pm, and the next ones will follow in May, July, September and November.
How to attend the webinars
Questions for the webinar host must be submitted prior to the discussion so they can be integrated into the talk. A limited number of Nation Builder community members who have participated in asking questions will be invited to attend the live webinar where an opportunity for impromptu questions will be given. It is therefore imperative that you look out for the exact activities on our online community that could land you the chance to attend these thought-provoking sessions. To ensure that as many people as possible benefit from the knowledge, each webinar will be recorded and made available on the Nation Builder community for viewing, and online peer discussions.
If you are not yet a community member yet but wish to join, complete short online assessment here.
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Aspects covered in the webinars
The first webinar will look at unpacking social entrepreneurship. The South African context and the role of social entrepreneurs will be explored in order to understand the role that social innovation plays in addressing some of South Africa’s societal challenges. There will be a discussion on how businesses can, and have, supported these entrepreneurs to achieve not only social impact, but greater economic activity. This will be supported by practical case studies and guidelines for participants.
Other potential topics for future webinars include robust dialogues around Land Reform issues, engaging Millennials in national advancement, access to quality education and the free quality education movement, as well as Social Justice and Human Rights, to name a few. The role of corporates in all of these respects will be highlighted and we look forward to being challenged and encouraged to work through these difficult issues together.