Reflections on Human Right’s Day

It was difficult to not let the chaos of these times overshadow our commemoration of Human Right’s Day. In fact, now more than ever we should be reminded of why we, as a country, celebrate the day. Human Rights Day is a call to stand together in an unwavering commitment to our Constitution and Bill of Rights. 
Our Constitution not only recognises that every person has human dignity inherent to their being but further that we each have the right to have our dignity respected and protected. The spread of Covid-19 has highlighted the undeniable connectedness between countries and citizens alike. We can no longer downplay the fact that our actions have consequences for ourselves, our society and the environment.  But do our actions reflect the intrinsic value of those around us?  
The South African government has boldly called 2020 the year of unity, socio-economic renewal, and nation-building. However, for us to achieve these goals as a nation, we need to each commit to playing our part. Let’s consider how we might join the collective and better exercise our social responsibility by restoring dignity and building our nation together.

Emily Wilkes – Legal Social Investment Assistant at Nation Builder