Businesses exist to make a difference, not just to make money. It has been wonderful to see the over 100 businesses, who are actively engaged in the Nation Builder community, all journeying together, learning, collaborating and supporting one another in making the greatest social impact. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that the 2018 social investment spend report, shows a 7% increase in spend, from R 9.1 Billion in 2017, to R 9.7 Billion in 2018.
These figures affirm the increased desire and dedication that we see within the private sector to contribute towards bringing about access to opportunity and basic services for all in South Africa.
Here is a recap of our some of our top blogs and press articles on the topic of IMPACTFUL FUND DISTRIBUTION from 2018.
Keri-Leigh Paschal, Nation Builder Executive Director: “The Nation Builder community is looking forward to 2019 and the prospects of finding a solution, or jointly agreeing on a metric that will further professionalise our industry and put this age-old frustration between the social investor and NPO to bed once and for all.” Read more about the research planned for 2019.
“As much as one may believe it shouldn’t be, making an impact on a shoestring is often the only impact option for the majority of NPOs.”  Meleney Berry-Kriel is a social activist and the co-founder of the Viva Foundation, when she serves as the chief executive. She is part of the Nation Builder collaborative network. She wrote about the pressure and risk that NPOs are exposed to by unhelpful funding trends.
“It is a myth that non-profit financial management and accounting is exactly like that of a profit-making business.  While there are many similarities, it can often seem like a parallel universe.” Brenda Coetzee CA (SA) is a consultant at CMDS: Accountants with heart – specialists to the non-profit sector. She is part of the Nation Builder collaborative. Read more.
“Many business leaders, and in turn, businesses, have taken a stand and embraced their role in addressing social ills. They have started a business revolution of sorts, and have moved beyond compliance-driven social investment to include a social contract at the very heart of their businesses. These social contracts take responsibility for the future, intentionally sharing prosperity with shareholders and stakeholders in order to achieve growth paired with inclusiveness.” Read more in this blog by Keri-Leigh Paschal.