Top PARTNERSHIP Blogs And Articles Of 2018

We are passionate about the power of strategic partnerships for sustainable social investment impact. Over the course of 2018, various thought-leaders from business and not-for-profit organisations shared insights about partnership principles with us.
Here is a recap of our some of our top blogs and press articles on the topic of PARTNERSHIP from 2018.
Business Day: “There is growing acknowledgement that businesses have an important role to play in contributing to the dignity, equality and upholding of human rights in South Africa. Nation Builder and its partners prove that businesses around the country are already contributing.” Full article here.
Meleney Berry-Kriel is a social activist and the co-founder of the Viva Foundation, when she serves as the chief executive. She is part of the Nation Builder collaborative network. She writes: “Corporations should look at their funding habits and ask NPOs how they could be more responsible or more helpful giving partners.” Read more.
Cobus Truter is the co-founder of INDLU, a company on a mission to transform township neighbourhoods through profitable property partnerships. They have created a mobile app that facilitates relationships between landowners who rent out their backyard properties, and tenants, while building a track record for both. He delivered this talk at our In Good Company Conference, after winning third place in the Nation Builder Social Innovation Challenge, hosted by LaunchLab in partnership with Mergon.
Roché van Wyk, Learn to Earn: “Our view is that the funder/donor NPO relationship is an equal partnership – with the NPO extending an invitation to partner with them in their area of expertise – in our case that of skills development, social enterprise and job creation – with a social investor that is seeking change in society, sharing resources, networks and expertise where needed.” Read the rest of the article.
“An organisation cannot operate on its own, and requires partners within a well-developed network of people and organisations to strengthen it and help it function optimally,” writes Marlene Freislich, POPUP. People Upliftment Programme (POPUP) was established at the end of 1999 and has a holistic approach to the upliftment of under-privileged communities.